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Akira Eiland-Sharp born and raised a true Georgia Peach has always felt she would be successful. At the age of 18 she became a single mother making $5.75 per hour living with her parents. Akira did not want to fall victim to circumstance so with the grace and mercy of God and the love of her parents she obtained her insurance license and became an office manager for a local State Farm branch. In this position she learned the necessary skills and the basic fundamentals of running a business. Working at State Farm made Akira realize the only way to get on top is to “own your own”.

January 2001, Akira Eiland-Sharp opened her first business, Safe Haven Learning Academy. In her first year of opening the Academy the business earned a revenue of close to $1,000,000. Since creating her first business Akira has developed multiple businesses including: restaurants, day spas, personal styling services and business development services (Certified Boss Network).

Akira is an outstanding pillar in the community. She has sponsored little league teams, been a member of the Better Business Bureau, Donated to Hosea Feed the hungry, was in Who's Who, featured in an article published “The Overground Railroad”, help and assisted many friends in obtaining their businesses dreams. Akira wants to mentor men and woman who want to be successful in life and business. She is a great mother, loving wife, friend, sister, daughter but most importantly child

of God. She has earned the title "Certified Boss." BOSS means to Akira "BECOMING an OUTSTANDING SUCCESS STORY"!


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