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Evelyn Braxton grew up in Columbia, South Carolina among several brothers and sisters. At the age of 13 she experienced a life-change when she moved to Maryland alone to live with her aunt who had no children. This is where she met Michael Braxton and married him at the age of eighteen. Evelyn gave birth to her first daughter, Toni, after only one year of marriage.  Following their firstborn, Evelyn had four more daughters, as well as a son, Michael. Evelyn came into her own as a full-time mother, a pastor and the children’s singing coach. She took great pride in her talented children; every Sunday she and the children would sing in the "family" church choir.  Not knowing that her daughters would take their singing careers to the next level, she was suddenly thrown into "Momager" (mom + manager) for her very young daughters.  


After her daughters became "of age" Evelyn decided she’d spent enough time on tour and decided to take some time for herself. Evelyn attended Sojourner College (Annapolis, MD) and Bowie State University where she studied Social Science and Psychology. She also attended Wesley Seminary College in Washington, D.C. Evelyn has pastored and counseled at her own church for many years. She has also tenured as a volunteer counselor at Sarah’s House of Distressed Women and Family Shelter.  Due to personal struggles that Evelyn had overcome, she embarked on a new passion of life coaching and started her organization "God Can Heal the Heart," a self-empowering mentorship that helps encourage, motivate and support other men and women who have been through personal trauma. Thanks to the show, Evelyn has been able to reach out to many.  


As a girl in the 1960’s, Evelyn remembers going to the store and hearing racial slurs.  She recalls coming home and asking her mother, “Why are they so much better than we?  And my Mom stooped down and kissed my tears and said, ‘baby, there’s no one greater than you except God. And that was the turning point in my life.  
Evelyn admits the reality show brought out hidden pain that the family never talked about but she’s happy they were all able to deal with these real feelings and come together and still love and forgive – because that’s what it’s all about in a family.


Also, Evelyn thinks she’s a better dancer than her daughters and that they’re jealous of her skills! 


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