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2021 Business to Watch

Pretty Women Who Hustle

Feb 8, 2021

With over 15 years of strong business consulting experience with Fortune 500 companies in the space of mergers, acquisitions, energy, public sectors, and entertainment. Ebony Porter-Ike has been seen as the “Go TO Person” for the resuscitation of failing businesses. She has been known as the guru for assisting new start-ups with a comprehensive marketing plan and objective. With a clear view of business, she has worked on brokering deals for reality shows, production of large-scale entertainment, fashion events, national hair shows, and building the brands of industry megastars. With an MBA in International Management and a certificate in Six Sigma Black Belt, Ebony has successfully guided new product development projects offshore to provide maximum return for her clients. Her experience is unparalleled and unique in nature. Ebony has been featured in business magazines, journals, blogs, and has spoken at numerous entrepreneurial conferences. She has received numerous awards for exemplary work in Public Relations & Business. Ebony is revered in the industry as a “Guru of Business” with her creative skills in helping new and existing brands to maximize their market share. Ebony is also the author and founder of “Coinology”™: The Series and the Coinology™ Program. Ebony has dedicated her life to her passion of assisting aspiring entrepreneurs to become successful by living their truth. This is the premise of the programs, events, and EPIConference™.

Why is your business a business to watch in 2021? The epiMediaGroup, LLC is a global PR and Marketing firm that works with diverse businesses to grow their revenue during the pandemic. We have developed unique strategies for businesses to maximize their earning potential during the world wide economic bust. What inspired your to start your business? The need for publicity and marketing that increased revenue. How did 2020 change your business? Was it for the better? 2020 required me to think outside of the box. I had to develop policies and procedures that allowed my company and clients to continue to thrive during a down market. Technology became a Key component. Long term corporate and government focus has also become a major focus for our firm. What lessons did you learn in your business in 2020? During 2020, I learned that planning for a “rainy day” was the smartest business move that I could have made. Ensuring that my paperwork was together, that my company was legalized was critical during the pandemic. Crisis create opportunities for those that are ready, all businesses should stay in crisis management mode so that when the opportunities arise they can take advantage of it. What kind of impact do you want your business to leave on your client or customer? It is important for each of my clients to leave better than they came. I have a different approach to what I do, I am passionate about educating my clients during the strategy and development process. I want my clients to be as “learned” as possible. When did you realize entrepreneurship was right for you? I have been an entrepreneur since I was 9 years old. I have always had a passion for creating something from nothing and watching the execution of a dream. It’s exhilarating to me. Why did you choose entrepreneurship? I didn’t choose entrepreneurship, it chose me. I have always been interested in creating businesses. My journey was more so around finding the right fit. Finding the business that fit my personality along with my gifts and talents. What would you say is your most driving motivation to keep doing what you do? Helping other entrepreneurs win. I love seeing other people win and live out their dreams. I actually think I get more excited by that than the clients most times. It’s my gift and my passion. I love what I do. What are you most excited or passionate about? I’m most excited about building a legacy for my great great great grands. I want to leave a legacy in my name. I want my legacy to live on in my offsprings. It’s important for me to change the narrative and create GREATNESS in my lineage. Did you have any key mentors or people who deeply influenced who you are, what you believe in and what you’re committed to in your work and life? Tell me about them. Yes, I did. My mentors told me things that hurt my feelings but I needed it to hear it. I am huge on constructive feedback because it makes you a better person. I tend to lean on these relationships because it’s important to hear the TRUTH. Without them, I know I would not have accomplished as much as I have. Rethinking ideas, relooking at concepts and truly believing in my gifts have been their greatest contribution to both my business and personal life. Did you have any life-changing experiences that put you on the path that led you to be doing what you’re doing today? Tell me about them. I had plenty of disappointments in corporate america. Spending years in an environment that kept me in a box and that also tried to diminish my light. I needed to be free of any judgements and restrictions to truly be happy. I am a very eclectic thinker and I have a very unique personality, which can be misunderstood or seen as intimidating. Being an entrepreneur allows me to be free. It allows me to paint my own story, it allows me to fully express who I am. To tell you the truth, being an entrepreneur saved my life. I felt myself falling into a dark place in corporate. Trying to fit into corporate’s standards of me was very taxing and it diminished my self esteem. What’s next for you in your business/brand? What can readers look forward to from you? The epiMediaGroup, LLC is growing a sports management department and we are expanding our tv production segment. I am excited about a few new film deals that we are currently working on that will debut in 2021. Is there anything else you would like to share with me? Finding your passion and sticking to it is difficult during a crisis. But maintaining your authenticity during the storm is what will continue to draw clients toward your brand. Do not sacrifice your brand for a quick monetary gain.

Ebony Porter-Ike Website| Instagram epiMedia Group, LLC Website | Instagram

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