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Being "You" Can Be Very Profitable!

Hello guys, I’m looking forward to restarting my blog site, this time, instead of entertainment, I have chosen to discuss key topics that have been successful for me as I began my current journey of enlightenment peace and true happiness. See, my road has not been easy or straight forward. I learned a lot during my journey because of mentors who took me under their wings and helped nourish me; but I learned the most by knocking my head against the wall and falling and getting back up. See, what many see as a failure, I see as redirection, or what many see as disappointment I see the opportunity in it. My hope is that my blog postings will be used to help or promote the next generation of women leaders.

We are all born into a title, Our Name. As we progress thru life additional titles are added, however at the core the titles actually mean nothing. Many of us go thru life not really knowing who we TRULY ARE. Or better yet, running from our truth in order to blend and fit in with the masses. In all honesty, we are all very different but society has conditioned us over time to modify or blend. My early years consisted of big dreams that I could not articulate because I did not see “THE DREAM” around me. I did not see anyone doing exactly what I wanted to do. See, I grew up in Hampton, Va and back then, there weren’t any Entertainment Publicist/Female Business Owners that I knew of. In the end, I knew that I wanted something different. I wanted to do something BIG!

The point is, don’t worry about conforming or putting a title on your dreams. Clearly write out your goals, state your objectives, put timelines on your deliverables and just GO! Who knows where it will lead you. Most times, what you think you want isn’t at all what you will end up with. Lastly continue to be authentic to who YOU REALLY ARE. If you wear green hair and have a tattoos all over your face, Corporate America may not be your destination. But that does not have to be the end. There are other options. Begin to think outside of the box. Understand the PRO’s and CON’s to your decisions, weigh them out with your goals and then create your road map to your final destination.

In the end after all the cameras and lights dim, you have to be good with WHO YOU ARE. Being able to sleep at night, knowing that you have not compromised your integrity for the mighty dollar. Those are attributes that are very important to me. I’ve always wanted to be a women of strength and integrity. I’ve always been a leader so leadership is in my DNA. So to find a career that allowed me to use my gift of gab, my relationships, my strategic skills, and my ability to effectively CLOSE DEALS was ideal. Because these attributes are innately me, it became very easy to kick in full swing. I challenge each of you, to go deep, determine who you TRULY ARE, and then GO! GO! GO! And don’t look back!



The Certified Deal Closer!

Join me in a few days as I kick off my #COINOLOGY FB Live series. There we will discuss further the principles discussed in my blog. I look forward to seeing you there!

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