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The AfterShow-"Being "You" Can Be Very Profitable" Coinology Session & Key N

Thank you to everyone who joined the first session of "Coinology". If you missed last night's FACEBOOK LIVE session, here it is:


🔑 Notes:

1) Authenticity is your selling point.

2) No one can be a better "you" than "you".

3) Once you realize your value proposition, you realize your value.

4) A person who knows their value walks in confidence.

5) Confidence is one of the major foundations to successfully closing "the deal".

This week, I would like for each of you to think of that DREAM or IDEA that you shelved away; pull it back out. And let's use that as your foundation during the "coinology" sessions. Stay Tuned there is a lot more...#coinology #certifieddealcloser #business #entrepreneur #dreamer #epimediagroup

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