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The Foundation to your $ucce$$ reside in you DREAM$!

First, I would like to start off by "Thanking EVERYONE" who read my blog and joined “Coinology” last week. You guys shared that video and we got a lot of traction with it. It leads me to believe that there is definitely a need to learn how to effectively go after a targeted goal and strategically make it happen.

This week, we will discuss “Dreams and Vision”. 

See, in order to have a “Goal”, it must come from a VISION, and typically your vision is made up of a “Dream”. Many of us have lots of dreams that we have locked away inside of us that we will not allow to become a VISON that can lead to a “Goal” b/c of our internal hang-ups. Through life, we have been told that we aren’t good enough, or we aren’t equipped to do the things that we desire, or we don’t have enough money to make that dream a REALITY. These are all hang-ups that we begin to develop as we become adults. 

Our homework last week was to identify “that” goal or vision that you once had that you were afraid to pursue. The “fears” that you developed as an adult have compounded and as time went on, you decided that you would put off that dream until your “Next Lifetime”. I challenge each of you, to stop and pull that “DREAM” back out. 

Let’s use those dreams as the platform that you will use during your “Coinology” sessions.

This week, we will talk about repositioning your mindset, and how to get rid of doubt and how to position yourself “TO WIN”. Each one of the steps that we discuss during COINOLOGY are a MUST. You can not cheat the game and you can not go around the process. You must work on your foundation in order to change your results. So lets be patient and do the work.

The beginning to effectively closing a deal is to develop the “VISION OF SUCCESS”.

See you THURSDAY at 730pm for COINOLOGY!!

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