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Coinology: After you wake up from DREAMING, what's next?

Over the past two weeks we have been discussing the need to open up and go back to the basics to understand our original intent or purpose. Many of these messages will come thru deep meditation and dreams. As we discussed, there are many reasons why we don’t proceed with our “Dreams”, and letting go of negative thoughts is the hardest part.

Societal messages are baked in our subconscious and learning to "turn them off" can be a challenge. As you begin to practice some of the techniques we discussed, you should have been able to narrow down 3 dreams/goals for yourself.

If you completed the exercise properly, your selections would be so big that you may not believe that you can accomplish it. If you do not feel overwhelmed and frightened by your dream/goal then you have not completed the exercise properly. You need to force yourself to remove all potential doubts and inhibitions. Once you have done so, the desire should be burning so deep that you can not stop thinking about it. You should feel obsessed and at this point, you should feel a fire within you to "figure it out". If not, you must go back and review our last two lessons.

Join me this Thursday at 7:30pm for Coinology. We will discuss the 6 steps required to move your dreams to reality. I'm forcing you to WAKE-Up and move into action. See you on Thursday!

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