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Survivors With Voices Foundation Kicked Off "The Unlock Your Voice" Tour In Ohio

Survivors With Voices Foundation Kicked Off "The Unlock Your Voice" Tour In Ohio

Featuring National Recording Artist Michel’le

Columbus, Ohio - May 24, 2017 - On May 19th and May 20th The Survivors With Voices Foundation led by Alissa R. Jones kicked off the Unlock Your Voice City Tour in Columbus, Ohio. Hosted by Dawn Paul and featuring National R&B Singer and Creator of Lifetime Movie Network’s “Surviving Compton”, Michel’le, the event took place at Embassy Suites Columbus Airport. Attendees enjoyed a day of empowerment through stories from Alissa Jones, Michel’le and other specially selected speakers including Danielle Seck, Kelly Ellis-Johnson, Chya Barrett, Heike Roberson, Lamont Brown, and Lou Gary Hughes Jr. The event provided live entertainment by Cha’nele Christine and Rashawn Truss, celebrity and red carpet photo opportunities for attendees. As the official ambassador for the tour, Michel’le shared her life changing testimony to help victims move beyond their past. In addition, the tour introduced Mothers With Voices recognizing women who lost their children unexpectedly. Those honored included Vicki Arnold, Lakisha Cole, Lizzie Brown, and Mary Dill. The event concluded with an exclusive survivor dinner organized by Alissa Jones to celebrate and commend survivors for their bravery in inspiring others through their stories. The Ohio stop was supported by multiple mainstream media outlets including Radio-One, IHeartMedia, and CBS Television.

Organized by Alissa R. Jones, the “Unlock Your Voice Tour” is a national conference empowering the lives of women and men who have survived mental and physical abuse. Currently in its fourth year of existence, the “Unlock Your Voice” conference has successfully reached an overwhelming number of survivors, growing them to become the voice for victims who go unheard. The powerful conference has gained the national attention of media platforms including Fox Television network affiliates, Radio-One, IHeartMedia, Your World With Creflo Dollar, Houston Newsmakers as well as local Houston media platforms. Motivated by her own battles with sexual abuse, Alissa R. Jones felt it necessary to provide a platform for survivors to embrace seen and unseen scars, find their voice, and overcome their circumstance.

The “Unlock Your Voice” Conference’s mission is to nationally promote strength against physical and mental abuse to women and men of all ages and backgrounds. Survivors With Voices is currently preparing for its next stop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 23-24. For sponsorship opportunities, vendings opportunities or for more information or media inquiries please contact

About Alissa Jones

Notable author and motivational speaker, Alissa R.Jones is the Founder of Survivors with Voices Foundation [S.W.V] and currently mentors several chapters under her organization.Through support groups lead by chapter member- presidents across the country, the Foundation provides an open forum for survivors to be supported by their peers who have experienced similar circumstances. Motivated by her battle with sexual abuse that began at the tender age 11, Alissa began the Unlock Your Voice five city tour to provide tools and heartfelt testimony to empower victims to move beyond their past and inspire the next survivor to discover their strength. Presented by the Survivors With Voices Foundation, the mission of the tour is simply to assist all survivors by helping them to embrace their seen and unseen scars, find their voice, and ultimately overcome their past.

For many years after the attacks stopped, Alissa lived with the idea that she was prey amongst predators. Every choice she made was based on what happened at 11 years old. Multiple relationships filled with domestic violence, a failed marriage, and a slew of other abuses added to her lack of self-worth. Feeling low, she alienated herself from everyone and became best friends with loneliness until the day someone needed her truth to set them free. From the moment Alissa told her story she found the power to encourage other survivors to heal their wounds. After each speaking opportunity, women of all ages were experiencing the freedom they longed for simply by Alissa provoking them to talk about their story.

Through Survivors with Voices and The Unlock Your Voice Tour Alissa is not only providing a platform for the sexually abused but she includes men and women of valor who are survivors. Her mission is to inspire everyone that comes in contact with her to use their voice to heal. She lives by the words, “Your words, your journey, your story. You never know who you may inspire or help to come forward in the expression of one’s abuse or recovery thereof”. Simply put, when one speaks, we all speak!

About Michel’le

R&B sensation and songwriter, Michel’le Toussaint, is most popularly known for songs like No More Lies and Something In My Heart, which are successful in getting on the Billboard Top 10 list as hits. Known to the world simply as "Michele", she has a unique childlike voice, which she has carried off like her signature.

Michel’le is a native of California where she discovered her real talent for music. She had been dating international superstar Dr. Dre, but the relationship didn’t go on well even after they had a son. Michel’le began to publically state that Dr. Dre had been abusing her physically and that it went on to the extent that he broke her nose and ribs. Michel'le recently aired her truth on Lifetime with her Biopic “Surviving Compton - Dre, Suge, Micel'le”. Lifetime Network along with Sony Pictures Television hired Thinkfactory Media to produce a biopic about the story that producers of “Straight Outta Compton” refused to tell regarding Michel’le. The biopic aired October 15, 2016 to record- breaking viewership. Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le and the documentary Beyond the Headlines: Michel’le delivered ratings gold reaching 9.4 million viewers across all weekend telecasts. On its premiere night, Surviving Compton attracted an average of 2.3 million total viewers and was cable’s #1 entertainment telecast (excluding sports) among total viewers, Adults 25-54, Women 25- 54, Adults 18-49 and Women 18-49, according to Nielsen Media Research. Additionally, Surviving Compton was the #1 most social TV program (excluding sports) on the day of premiere and was the #1 most social movie of the weekend.

With this level of violence and trauma, Michel’le might have had no option rather than to leave the man she once loved so dearly. We can say that Michel’le has had ups and downs in her life for so many reasons. With one reason being to use her darkest moments to impact the lives of many survivors across the world partnering with Alissa R Jones of Survivors with Voices Foundation.

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